Erik Berg

Southwest Historian and Writer

History Publications

Aviators and Archaeologists: The 1929 Lindbergh Aerial Survey

In Maxine McBrinn, editor, Oblique Views: Aerial Photography and Southwest Archaeology, Museum of New Mexico Press, 2015

Socialites in the Saddle: The Chicago Cowgirls of the Muleshoe Ranch

The Journal of Arizona History, Winter 2015

“Follow the Trail over Ledge and Shale": The Grand Canyon Poems and Photographs of Mai Richie Reed

In Richard D. Quartaroli, editor, A Rendezvous of Grand Canyon Historians: Ideas, Arguments, and First-Person Accounts.
Proceedings of the Third Grand Canyon History Symposium, January 2012, Vishnu Temple Press, 2014

History Rides a Dead Horse

(a history of Dead Horse Ranch State Park)
Sedona Magazine, Summer 2011

“The Roads are for the Timid": The Western Adventures and Romance of Mai Richie Reed

The Journal of Arizona History, Spring 2011

The Grandest Way in the World to Make Money

(a brief history of the Verde Valley Oil Boom)
Sedona Magazine, Spring 2010

“'Oil! Oil! Buy now, while you have the chance": The Chino Valley Oil Boom

Territorial Times (publication of the Prescott Corral of Westerners), Vol. 3, Number 1, 2009

Rock Hounds and River Rats: The 1937 Carnegie-CalTech Colorado River Expedition

In Todd R. Berger, editor, Reflections of Grand Canyon Historians: Ideas, Arguments and First-Person Accounts
Proceedings of the 2007 Grand Canyon History Symposium, Grand Canyon Association, 2008

“The Best Trip I’ve Ever Been On": The 1937 Carnegie-CalTech Colorado River Expedition

The Journal of Arizona History, Winter 2007

Lindy’s Luck

Arizona Highways, January 2007

A Brief History of Yavapai Observation Station

Canyon Views (newsletter of the Grand Canyon Association), Summer 2006

The Eagle and the Anasazi: The Lindbergh’s 1929 Aerial Survey of Prehistoric Sites in Arizona and New Mexico

The Journal of Arizona History, Spring 2004

A Traveler’s Guide to Arizona’s World War II Sites

In Brad Melton and Dean Smith, editors, Arizona Goes To War: The Home Front and the Front Lines during World War II
Appendix, University of Arizona Press, Tucson, Arizona, 2003

Politics, Pavement, and Postcards: Arizona’s Superior-Miami Highway

Society of Commercial Archaeology Journal, Spring 2002

“Big Boom Predicted": Oil Exploration and Speculation in Northern Arizona, 1900-1930

The Journal of Arizona History, Spring 2000

The Nature of the Business: Construction, Operations, and Litigation at the Sasco Smelter

In J. M. Canty, H. Mason Coggin, and Michael Greely, editors, History of Mining in Arizona Vol. III
Mining Foundation of the Southwest, Tucson, Arizona, 1999

High Hopes and Hard Rock: The Early Days at Sasco

The Journal of Arizona History, Spring 1996


(Astronomer Percival Lowell’s study of Mars)
Astronomy, Sept. 1991

Book Reviews

Ladies of the Canyons: A League of Extraordinary Women and Their Adventures in the American Southwest. by Leslie Poling-Kempes. The Journal of Arizona History (summer 2016): 230-231.
Mapping Wonderlands: Illustrated Cartography of Arizona, 1912 – 1962. by Dori Griffin. The Journal of Arizona History (spring 2014): 114-115.
Damming Grand Canyon: The 1923 USGS Colorado River Expedition, by Diane E. Boyer and Robert H. Webb. The Journal of Arizona History (autumn 2008): 291-292.
Riverman: The Story of Bus Hatch, by Roy Webb. Boatman’s Quarterly Review (fall 2008): 21-22.
Arizona's War Town: Flagstaff, Navajo Ordnance Depot, and World War II, by John S. Westerlund. The Journal of Military History (July 2004): 996-997.